Best Makeup Colors for Blue Eyed Girls

If you are interested in eyeshadow color tips for blue eyed girls you surely are a lucky girl! You do realize how many women go through the horrors of buying contact lenses and similar products just to get that look, right?

If you are that lucky, why not take advantage of it and flaunt it so everyone can see it? With the right make up, you can add that extra glow to your look by accentuating your iris.

If this sounds a bit complicated, here are the most effective eyeshadow color tips for blue eyed girls:

Adapt your look to your shade of blue

If you want to accentuate the blue in your eyes and don’t know how, the first thing in achieving your desired look is to analyze what kind of blue your eyes are because there are 4 levels of blue for your iris.

What to do if your eyes have a darker blue iris? All you need to know about eyeshadow color tips for blue eyes is that you can use almost anything. If you are this lucky you can wear whatever eye-shadow you like, even the strongest colors and you won’t go wrong.

If you would describe your eyes like being a medium blue, like the clear blue sky on a warm summer day, the trick that will work for you is to wear a lighter shade of eye-shadow. Still, if you really love wearing powerful colors, feel free to do so, but make sure to apply an eye-liner to make your eyes pop!

If your eyes are a lighter blue, you have surely noticed that it’s a bit more complicated to find that perfect shade, not everything suits you. The safest option in this case would be to choose the palest colors you can find or if you are feeling rebellious you can go as far as a medium colored shade, but stay away from those powerful colors! But you can rest assured, you will look great without all that flashy make-up.

A more complicated discussion comes up when talking about a greyish kind of blue because opinions are a bit divided. This kind of eye color for blue eyes is a bit more difficult because it changes depending on what kind of clothes you have on and what colors they are. Still, depending on your outfits you can surely think of something, be really creative and get a lovely result. But keep in mind that it’s recommended to avoid darker make up!

Other tips and tricks

Another eyeshadow color tips for blue eyed girls is that a neutral shade of tanning will always help blue eyed girls to accentuate their eyes. For a really good evening make up, you could also try violet and different shades of lavender and purples, these really make blue eyes pop and offer a perfect dazzling looks for evenings.

After all this advice remember that your eyeshadow should be as intense as your eyes are. And, also it’s important to choose the right shadow colors based on evening or daytime occasions.

5 Nail Painting Tools You Might Not Know About

Ever wondered how that girl got those lines painted so straight on her left AND right hand? Well here are some of the awesome tools out there that you may not have heard of.

Nail Tape

Tape for nails? Really? Really! This tape is amazing, it is a super skinny tape that comes in every color you could possibly think of, and has a billion different uses.

Use #1 – Decoration. This tape is so thin that you can leave in on your painted nails and it looks like you took tinsel off your Christmas tree and painted it to your nails.

Use #2 – Line guide. This tape is ideal for painting small lines on your nails. First paint your base color, next apply the tape where you don’t want the polish to go. Paint in between the lines, remove the tape, and voilà! You have perfect stripes on your fingernails!


These things are seriously way cool. Sets of these nail stampers come with something like 100 different designs. With everything from flowers, to chevron patterns, and even fancy French tips! You can get a set and all the supplies needed for about $20 online.

At first when you are applying designs to your nails using your stamper, be patient. It is hard to master in the beginning but becomes much easier with practice.

Ziploc Bags

Say What? This sounds ridiculous, I know.  When you want a really cool design painted on your fingernails, but don’t have the dexterity or skill to do it, paint your design with nail polish on a Ziploc bag! When it is dry you just peel it off, stick the design on your nails and finish with a top coat.

Nail Shields

Nail shields you have probably heard of, but then again, maybe not. There are different brands and companies out there making them. They come in millions of different designs and colors, and are super easy to apply.

Some decals are just a type of stickers, while others you attach to your nails with a blow dryer. Either way, they are super cute and will save you trips to the salon and money.

Tie-Dye Nails

This is also a new trending style with nails! It’s super easy, follow the steps below for amazing psychedelic nails!

  • Paint your nails a base color, preferably white.
  • Tape around your nails with scotch or masking tape. (this prevents the excess polish from getting on your skin.)
  • Put 3 drops of your first color choice in a glass of water, followed by another color or 2 depending on how many colors you want on your nails.
  • Quickly move a toothpick around creating any design you may want
  • Dip your nail in the water to apply the polish
  • Don’t take your nail out immediately or you will ruin the nail
  • Take your toothpick and clear out all of the extra polish you didn’t use

Ta da! Your nails are now tie-dyed. Perfect for going as a hippy to your Halloween party!

By Chanelle Furner

Chanelle Furner always enjoys seeking out the latest and greatest tricks, treatments and tips in the world of beauty. She has a passion for hair and makeup and loves getting her hair conditioned at the Taylor Andrews Cosmetology School in Utah.  In her spare time she loves helping friends do hair and makeup for local fashion shoots.

Dare To Be Dirty

All of us girls grow up to believe that we are supposed to be clean and pristine while boys get to be dirty, no exceptions.

How many of us girls tried to test the boundaries with our parents by not washing our hands or refusing to brush our teeth.  There was always something about being dirty and breaking the rules that seemed like so much fun!

Well, what if I told you that it’s okay to be dirty?

I believe in normal hygiene (especially when it comes to the simple things like toothpaste and deodorant) but when it comes to our hair, a lot of people are misinformed. They think that we should be washing our hair as much as we brush our teeth and that is just not true.  Though part of the daily routine for many, it isn’t exactly in your hairs best interest to wash it every day.  You could potentially be doing more damage than you realize.

Shampoos are cleansers, yes, but they also contain preservatives and artificial ingredients to make them last in your shower and of course to make your hair smell heavenly.  Depending on the quality of shampoo that you choose to use, there are also additional fillers that are put into the cheap stuff.  You are getting what you paid for – next to nothing.  These fillers and additives collect on your hair over time.  This causes build-up that piles on, layer after layer.  Even when you think you are washing your hair, you are really just adding more ‘dirt’ to it.  A lot of the shampoos that claim to be able to make your hair shine, are filled with wax-like fillers that do make your hair appear to be shiny.  But they also trap all of the oil and dirt on the inside and into the cuticle of your hair.

Oh so you don’t want waxy shiny hair?  You want clean hair?

Well first thing’s first – stop buying the cheap stuff and start investing in the good stuff.  Yes it is more expensive but that’s why it’s an investment.  You want to have healthy hair while you’re living right? The second step is to buy a good clarifying shampoo.  You can’t use this as your main shampoo because the ingredients in it strip your hair of buildup and over time that can also damage your cuticle.  Think of it as a once-a month cleansing ritual.  After you wash your hair with the clarifying shampoo, use a conditioner of equally as good quality.

And then- don’t wash your hair.

Yes your hair will be a little more greasy than you are used to seeing it after day one and definitely after day two.  Your scalp will need to learn to adjust to the lack of oil you’ve been coating on it every day with your obsessive shampooing.  You will want to cave in and wash it but trust me, you want your hair to learn.  Try to wean your hair off of shampooing and cut it down to at the most every other day.  If you can get it down to two days in between, you are a rock star.

Right now, this site is giving away a ton of free shampoo samples so start your hair investment today!!



Every Day Make up

Let’s admit it, every single one of us girls has struggled with applying make-up in the past. Just like everything else, the more you do your make up, the better you become at it.

So whether you are an expert at applying your own makeup or you are just a beginner, here are a few fun guidelines to follow, when it comes to choosing the right color for your complexion.


Color matching your foundation to match your skin tone is something that most girls don’t take the time or effort to get right. When choosing a foundation for your skin, be sure to find the right match for you.

Purchasing your make-up from a make-up counter or department store can be easier than a drugstore.  When you are purchasing make-up from them, they are willing to color match the foundation that is best for your complexion. They are trained to know what will best work with your skin.

Buying your makeup from a drugstore can be a bit more difficult. Drugstores don’t have trained professionals waiting in their stores to color match your foundation. Pick the color that looks closest to the skin on the inside of your wrist.

Can’t pick between two colors? Get them both! Odds are you will wear two different colors throughout the year, one when you are more tan, and one when you’re not.

Eye Make-up

Eye make-up has to be one of my personal favorites! However, over the years I have had my fair share of mishaps when it comes to choosing the right colors for my eyes. Finding the correct color shadow to complement your eyes is the key to finding what colors work best for you. Below is a list of colors that will compliment your eye color.

Brown eyes

  • Purples
  • Greys
  • Silvers

Blue eyes

  • Browns
  • Nudes
  • Deep purples

Green eyes

  • Greens
  • Browns
  • Purples

Hazel eyes

  • Pinks
  • Nudes
  • Purples

Once you find what colors work for you, it is a matter of trial and error for what ways of applying the colors will look best with your eye shape. This will also take some trial and error. Everyone’s eyes are different. A look that may be amazing on your sister might not look good on you. Find what works for you.

Whatever look you choose, just remember to be yourself. If less makeup is more you, then rock the natural style with neutral nudes and pinks. If you like a more glam look, play off of it! Just find what works for you, and stick with it! I promise you won’t be sorry!

Remember, if you don’t like the new look you tried today, try something new tomorrow! The options are limitless!

By Chanelle Furner

Chanelle Furner always enjoys seeking out the latest and greatest tricks, treatments and tips in the world of beauty. She has a passion for hair and makeup and loves being surrounded by the best beauty schools in Utah! In her spare time she loves helping friends do hair and makeup for local fashion shoots.

Shiny Hair Tricks

Keeping your hair shiny can be a difficult task. Luckily there are many “at home” tricks that can help you achieve that runway model shiny hair.

Healthy Hair

Before you can start doing anything to make your hair shiny, you have to evaluate if your hair is healthy. Usually you are able to tell when your hair is damaged because it starts breaking off, it’s dry and sort of feels like straw. If this describes your hair, you first need to make it healthy before it will become shiny.

Your hair stylist can help you determine the best treatment for your hair if it is really damaged.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning can be one of the best treatments for your hair. This is something that you can have done and your salon, or you can do it at home.

At home conditioning is very simple. Find a deep conditioner at your salon or drugstore. They are usually a thicker texture and will read something on the label like: “Leave in hair for 3 minutes.”

Take your conditioner that you find and leave it in your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. This may seem like a long time, but it will give your hair to truly absorb the moisture and nutrients that it needs.

Blow drying

I know what you’re thinking. “Blow drying can make my hair shiny?!?! Yeah, Right. With this little trick, it will really make your hair shiny! We all blow dry our hair, and after doing so, it kind of leaves your hair will a dull sheen to it.

Not anymore, here’s the trick: When you have finished blow drying your hair, turn the dryer to the “cold” setting. Blast your hair for a minute or two with this cold air. When you do this, it closes off the shafts of hair, leaving it smooth and shiny!

Glaze Treatments

Glazing is a newer trend in the world of beauty. This treatment is something that you can find in your local drugstore. Glazes are similar to deep conditioning your hair, but a little bit different. The glazes cover each of your hair shafts, giving it the ultimate shine.

Heat Sensitive Products

There are so many products out there now that are “heat sensitive” or “heat activating.”  These products are simply amazing! They are in shampoos, conditioners, styling products and just about anything you can think of.

They work by activating when you are straightening, curling, or blowing drying your hair. The product activates when it senses the heat, and then protects your hair. Some of the products are even designed to send moisture to your hair when using heat products.

General Health

Remember, if you’re taking care of your body by eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water, your body is going to thank you back. If you are eating the right foods and hydrating properly, chances are your hair will be shinier than someone who doesn’t.  Good luck keeping your hair shiny and healthy!

By Chanelle Furner

Chanelle Furner always enjoys seeking out the latest and greatest tricks, treatments and tips in the world of beauty. She has a passion for hair and makeup and loves getting her hair conditioned at Avalon Cosmetology School in Utah.  In her spare time she loves helping friends do hair and makeup for local fashion shoots.