My Current Top 3 Natural Cosmetics Companies List

Organic and natural cosmetics are safe to use on the human skin. They do not contain harmful chemicals and thus do not have any long-term or adverse impacts on the skin. Natural cosmetics are those that contain products that are obtained from plants and herbs grown naturally. The carcinogenic products used in ordinary commercial products are replaced. Thus, I think it is important for all of us to know which companies offer natural products. Below is my current natural cosmetic companies list.

Cosmetic Companies List of Natural Cosmetics

Global Healing Center

The Global Healing Center offers organic makeup, health products, skin care and home health equipment. Organic Shimmer Eye Shadow Cream is one of their most popular items. It comes in many color-coordinating shades. It is water-proof and absorbs oil from the skin. The key ingredient is kaolin clay. Only the highest quality of natural and organic products are sold and developed. The company aims to heal the world and bring back positive thinking and good health. Their top-selling supplements include Oxy-Powder, IntraCal, ParaTrex and Livatrex.


MiEssence offers the world’s first certified organic cosmetics, skincare and healthcare products. Their most unique product is MiEssence Organic Ambrosia Essence. It is a dual toner and moisturizer. The key ingredients are organic Tamanu nut oil and organic Rosehip seed oil. Tamanu nut oil improves the appearances of wounds. Organic Rosehip seed oil reduces the appearance of facial lines, scars and premature aging. Thousands of organic products are tested here. They work with leading innovators and manufacturers in the organic industry directly and thus help bring products that are both stylish and classic. Their products make you feel great and look great on your body.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees offers natural cosmetics, haircare, remedies, etc. Its main product includes Burt’s Bees Concealing Crème. It is a concealer, which hides under eye circles, blemishes and skin imperfections. It comes in two shades, light and medium. The key ingredient is rosemary extract. This is an antibacterial moisturizing oil which is excellent for acne. Truly natural products have a positive effect on you and the world for the good of your well-being. This is for the good of the environment. They promise to stick to The Natural Standard. They fully disclose their ingredients and the risks associated.

The Organic Makeup Company is ranked fourth. It offers organic makeup, skincare and wellness products. All Natural and Organic Facial Cleansers is one of their best products. It comes in four varieties. It helps to prevent insomnia and to relieve nervous tension.

Organic cosmetics can be used for any type of sensitive skin. Some people are even allergic to certain chemicals. In such cases, natural cosmetics come handy. They do not have any side effects. When you use organic cosmetics, your skin is rejuvenated and looks refreshing. It helps you look good and young. There are no risks associated when organic cosmetics are used.

So do you agree with my top three organic cosmetic companies’ list? What are your thoughts on natural cosmetics?