How to Buy From Organic Cosmetics Wholesale

Buying organic cosmetics wholesale is a boon for women who love makeup. Firstly, you get your products much, much cheaper than you would at any mall, sale or no sale. In fact, the cost can pretty much give discount online stores a run for their money. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just to think of the number of goodies I can get at such amazing prices. It’s like Christmas all year round.

What may be perceived as a drawback is that you can only get good prices on bulk orders. But this does not have to be a problem. Here is your chance to spread the word about organic products and urge your family, friends and colleagues to move to a more eco-friendly beauty solution. You can give your closest friends and family the extra products for free. And you can charge other friends and acquaintances a small amount for a safe, organic product.

But if you are buying wholesale for your own business in the first place, then I do not need to be sitting here giving you advice. So let’s get down to how to go about getting those wholesale cosmetics in the first place.

Buying Organic Cosmetics Wholesale

I researched a lot of ways and tried most of them. I have to admit that online is still the easiest way. If you ever do an online search for wholesale organic cosmetics, you will find hundreds of websites advertising their wares. You do not have to own a company or store to qualify for their rates.

You simply contact them, they tell you their rates on so many pieces of the requested item, you pay for it, they send it. It really is that simple. In some cases, you may not even have to talk to anyone. Emails will do. What can I say? It’s a new world, and I for one am glad for it.

But as I said, the lower rates are a result of bulk purchases. Now you can give away the extra pieces to people you know; they can even buy it from you. But if you’d rather not be saddled with so many things to get rid of, then here is another option.

Approach people who own businesses that require makeup and cosmetics like beauty salons and beauty schools. They have to get their organic cosmetics wholesale for their own business anyway. If you are well-acquainted with the owner or a member of the staff you can ask them to order a couple of items extra for you with their next bulk order. For example, they have to get foundation and conditioner, so they can just increase the number of pieces by one or two or how many ever you want.

Of course, no one does anything for free so you may not get it at a truly wholesale price as the middleman will want a cut (the reason everything is so expensive in retail – plenty of middlemen). But it is worth the effort.

I would recommend going directly to the source. If you can find a wholesale supplier and develop a standing relationship with them, and find a way to distribute or sell the extra pieces that you do not need, nothing like it.