Getting Unblemished Skin Care Product Reviews

The recent increase in concern for skin health has inspired far more consumers to seek out skin care product reviews than ever before. Fortunately, access to the internet has provided a ready source of all kinds of reviews for consumer products; and cosmetics are no exception. Informative reviews can be found from other consumers, from product review organizations and from health care agencies, giving the consumer a large amount of input from which to make informed decisions about the products they purchase.

It is in the best interest of every manufacturer of skin care products to have the public perception of their merchandise be as high as possible. Many are not afraid to embellish their advertisements with grandiose claims of superior ingredients, optimum results and images of glamor and sensuality that evoke an emotional response from those who really and truly desire to improve their appearance and the health of their skin. It can make for a confused audience, who can doubt the truthfulness of any statements make by advertisers.

The reality is that many skin products, in the United States, at least, must pass rigorous testing by the Food and Drug Administration and meet their requirements for safety. This allows for a lot of accessible information about their ingredients. This is particularly true for any medicated skin treatment products or those claiming to be hypoallergenic. Often it is a matter of labeling, and the turn of a phrase can make a difference in how a product is tested. The FDA will, however, be quick to issue warnings about products which are deemed unsafe due to the inclusion of certain ingredients or the recommended use.

Natural Skin Care Products“When in doubt, check it out,” is a good rule of thumb to follow. This applies to any merchandise touted as natural skin products (such as natural acne skin care) as well. Simply because a product is natural does not mean you want to lather it on your skin. Crude oil is natural, and so is poison oak. Bear it in mind when claims of “naturalness” are made without reasonable explanations. It can really pay to do a little investigating, and skin care product reviews can be ideal for providing this type of clarification.

The best product review information is likely to come from impartial sources such as Consumer Reports or consumer search, who rank their ratings of reviews by criteria giving testing reviews more weight than sweeping reviews. The FDA website allows a search function for cosmetics that will reference articles providing information about products. Merchandising sites very frequently allow customer ratings for everything they sell, and as long as one bears in mind that such reviews can be subjective, there can be a lot to be gained from reading them. The most unreliable reviews will be those included on the websites for the individual products or their manufacturers, as there is no real way to be assured of their veracity. Each consumer bears the responsibility of collecting as much information as possible, and then comparing the results. It is also a good idea to ask questions whenever it is feasible.

When shopping for the best skin care products, try not to let your optimism about the desired results get in the way of your research. It is very easy to read statements such as “most effective dry skin treatment” or “restores youthful appearance” and want to believe they are true. As with most things, they may be true for some people, but as skin types vary widely, so will the results of any products used. If reading commentary from people who have actually used the product, see if they include the kind of personal information that might provide a clue as to whether their skin type or condition bears any resemblance to yours.

Skin Care Product ReviewsWhen assessing skin cream, makeup, cleansers and moisturizers, it is frequently tempting to assume that the price of a given product is an indicator of quality or effectiveness. It is often the case that it a high price tag does mean higher quality, but many times the cost of a product has more to do with the marketability of the label or the company name. There are many low-cost items that can be just as effective, if not more so, than the pricier products, including some natural, organic cosmetics that can be made at home. The best moisturizer for dry skin or the best anti aging products do not necessarily have to cost any more than the worst ones on the market.

A couple of categories of skin care products seem to come under the most fire for criticism, but for different reasons. It is especially important to do a bit of investigation regarding them. They are products that claim “anti-aging” benefits, and those promising to whiten skin.

Anti Aging Skin Products

Products using this sort of name or boasting titles such as anti aging serum or anti aging skin cream can be frustrating, simply because they suggest the impossible. We all get older, whether we like it or not, and even the best anti aging cream will not alter that fact. The most we can do is take care of our skin from the inside and the outside and encourage it to age gracefully. The products which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plump sagging skin or fade the spots that appear over time can, indeed, help to make us look and feel younger, but they will never stop the clock. Make an attempt to keep a proper perspective when assessing the reviews of such products, and know that there are some people who really do expect them to put a halt to the aging process.

Skin Whitening Products

These products have created the most controversy in recent years, for a few reasons. One of these is the notion that whiter is better, which is more of a social and cultural problem than anything else. Sadly, the result of this school of thought is that many skin lightening products have been introduced to the market that are downright unsafe, and the desire to whiten skin has even caused the deaths of many women from such things as mercury poisoning. In truth, many types of skin whitening cream are perfectly safe for use, and have achieved very positive results for fading age spots and helping to smooth out uneven complexions. Here is one instance where reading reviews can be especially helpful in ensuring that the lightening product you may be considering is, in fact, a safe one.

When searching out skin care product reviews, read as much as you can from different sources. A combination of types of consumer reviews will create the clearest picture. Then, as with anything else, use your best judgement to make your ultimate decision as to what to purchase.