Get Discount Beauty Products with Mail Order

I’ll admit it – I’m a beauty product addict. I have to buy a new shade of lipstick every week. And I have a new cream or lotion on my night stand every month. But I’m not ashamed of it. Looking good makes me feel good. And retail therapy doesn’t hurt once in awhile. I just wish there were more discount beauty products out there. Well, ask and you shall receive. Turns out there are ways to get cheaper products if you know where to look.

Try Mail Order for Discount Beauty Products

It’s a busy, busy world and we are all so tied up in our everyday life that we just do not have the time to go shopping at our leisure and find out what’s on the market today. Even if I do have the time, I do not have the energy to get into my car and drive six blocks through crazy traffic just so I can spend my hard-earned money on over-priced products. That course of action seems contradictory in terms, don’t you think?

What’s more, I personally do not have the patience to stand at a beauty counter in the mall and listen to the sales girl trying to tell me everything about the product just so that she gets her commission. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve walked away from a frenzied or overdone sales pitch even though I was interested in the product. Ok, fine, the prices kind off scared me away too.

So when I learned that almost all brands will allow you to order by mail, I was ecstatic! Of course, I knew in theory that it could be done. But it was always just a thought in the back of my head. Then a friend of mine recommended that I try it and I’m glad I listened to her. It’s just like shopping for anything else. You log onto their website, add to cart the items that you want, pay for it with your credit or debit card, and wait for delivery.

Most products that are sold by mail order are sold at a discount. This means that you get a guaranteed discount on the retail price, no matter what the product. So you can save a lot of money (which I generally spend on even more products, but that’s not the point).

Since you are buying directly from the company and the middleman’s cut is cancelled out, you gain the benefits in terms of cheaper products.

In order to get you to buy more of their products, companies will often offer many kinds of offers that are not available in retail outlets. For example, in addition to the massive discount, you can get a combination of products free with your original purchase. Then there is the classic ‘buy one get one free’. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other offers that will leave you reeling with joy.

Anyone out there tried ordering discount beauty products? Was it a positive experience? Or did it make you go back to shopping at a retail outlet?