Eye Skin Care Made Easy

Eye skin care is vital to maintaining a youthful and vibrant complexion. The eyes are the part of your face other people focus on the most. Having wrinkles and bulges around your eyes gives you a depressed and tired appearance. Caring for the delicate skin around your eyes with proper skin care products and gentle skin maintenance can offer long-term benefits to your appearance. Your eyes express a great deal about your emotional state and overall health. By practicing proper skin care; you will reap the benefits in a healthier more youthful appearance.

Did you know that the skin located around your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your face? In fact, it is ten times thinner. As you get older, that skin loses its elasticity. Your skin loses collagen and becomes even thinner. Certain factors speed up the process such as too much sun, smoking and pollution. Your eye skin moves about a great deal as you blink, squint, smile and frown. Over time, tiny lines will emerge from the corners of your eyes. These are known, quite unflatteringly, as crow’s feet.

When you eat salty foods, you run the risk of causing eye puffiness. Allergies and dehydration produce the same effect. It helps if you can avoid pulling at the delicate skin around your eyes. Women often do this when removing makeup, putting in contact lenses or rubbing eyes due to allergies. Keep in the mind that unlike most of your body, this area of skin contains few oil glands. It simply lacks much of the moisture that the rest of your skin gets.

The Science Of Eye Skin Care

Eye Skin CareThere is a formal medical name for the skin under your eyes. It is called the ‘adnexa’ and is actually made up of many layers. The epidermis is the top layer and it is what gives your skin its color, texture and suppleness. Beneath it lays the dermis. It supports your epidermis with nerves, blood vessels and collagen. Finally, the deepest layer, the orbicularis muscle is what moves the eyelid.

Be very cautious when caring for the sensitive skin around your eyes. As is the case with body skin care, some individuals are quite sensitive to the type of eye skin care products they use. Look for eye products that contain very gentle compounds. Vitamins and antioxidants are great ingredients. You may wish to choose an oil-fee product. Oil can clog up your pores and affect the vision of contact lens wearers.

Who To Use For Eye Skin Care?

Skin Care For EyesMany women have experienced positive results with Roc Skin Care products. You will find them in most drug store chains. The Roc Skin Care Company was formed over 60 years ago in France and has been available in the US for just over ten years. Two of their most popular lines include Roc Retinol Correxion and Retinol Actif Pur. Both of them contain the Roc Retinol formula containing Vitamin A. Studies show Vitamin A can eliminate some fine lines while softening skin. When using products that contain Retinol be aware that it can sometimes result in skin that is sensitive to sunlight. Wear a higher SPF sunscreen than you usually wear. Be extra cautious about prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Sisley skin care creams are attracting a lot of attention from women who want to combat crow’s feet. Sisley anti aging skin care products are all made from completely natural plant extracts and pure essential oils. Applying natural plant extracts to beauty creams is a well respected practice that has been around for hundreds of years. The essential oils are all non-greasy and wonderfully fragrant. Use of Sisley products are reported to improve the appearance of radiant, healthy looking skin.

eye skin care with makeupSisley eye and lip contour cream is made specifically for fragile and delicate skin around the lips and eyes. It will re-balance your skin’s moisture levels and reduce the look of fine lines around eyes and lips. In addition it will reduce puffiness and result in a more toned and brighter appearance. This healthy skin care eye cream contains Vitamin E as well as B-5 and F.

According to a leading plastic surgeon, effective eye creams should contain any one of the following ingredients, Hyalurionic Acid as well as Ceramides actually plump skin cells. This combination of ingredients pulls moisture right out of the air. The ceramides also aid in hydration. Retinol stimulates the turnover of cells and increase collagen. It also gets rid of fine lines and age spots. Just don’t use too much. Very little is need to produce results and it is typically a more expensive product. Neuropeptides are great if your skin cannot tolerate Retinol. Individuals who use neuropeptides report improvement in skin texture, tone and resilience. Finally eye cream Vitamins C and E can help improve the look of your eye skin.

Experts agree that drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated helps promote the elasticity of your skin. Try not to smoke. It is highly aging, not just to the skin around your eyes, but to your entire face. Nicotine causes the blood vessels in your skin to constrict and it becomes more difficult for them to absorb nutrients. Eventually collagen will breakdown. UV rays will result in uneven skin tone and age spots. Stay out of the sun. It is the worst culprit when it comes to aging your delicate facial skin. If you are particularly concerned about the skin in and under your eyes, wear sunglasses when you go out. Squinting can be highly damaging to your sensitive skin. Always get enough sleep and avoid over consumption of alcohol. All of these are great general guidelines to good health, and important tips in keeping your skin looking young and vibrant.

For some home remedies to help with under eye skin care and perk up saggy skin try some sliced cucumbers over the eyes and lay down for ten or 15 minutes. It has been reported that cotton balls soaked in cold milk also produce great results.

Just remember to look after the skin around your eyes and you will enjoy younger looking skin for years to come. Cosmetic eye skin care is not rocket science; it’s just a matter of being kind to your skin and using common sense in regard to your skin’s good health.

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