Coconut Oil: A Natural Makeup Remover

I’ve been using natural makeup for quite some time now. And if you recall what I said in an earlier post, I find an inclination towards a more natural way of life in all aspects. I eat healthier, less processed foods in my refrigerator; buy natural cleaning products for the house, natural fertilizer for the garden. Anyway, I still had a lot of my normal makeup remover left over so that was one thing I did not buy new when I made the shift to natural makeup. So I decided that I would use a natural makeup remover too, if such a thing existed.

I was on a couple of websites asking natural makeup experts about what brands have good makeup removers. They unanimously declared that instead of buying some hodgepodge in a bottle to remove my makeup, I should stick to something far simpler – coconut oil!

Yes, you read right. That’s not a misprint. Coconut oil is a very versatile thing and can be used for many things from cooking to cleansing to moisturizing. Here’s why it’s great for removing makeup too.

The Best Natural Makeup Remover

If you are using natural makeup but chemical-based makeup remover, you are doing your skin a great disservice. After all the nourishment and protection you give your skin during the day you insist on negating all the benefits by dousing your skin with harmful chemicals.

To ensure that your skin remains safe even as you are removing your makeup, it is best to use a natural makeup remover. And I can tell you from experience, the simpler the product, the more likely you are to use it right and the better the results you will get.

Coconut oil has been around for hundreds of years. It has long had multiple uses that have been replaced by commercial products. Women long ago did use this oil to remove their makeup.

As you know, there is nothing worse for your skin than sleeping with your makeup on. Even improper cleaning will have negative repercussions in the long run. Coconut oil has the wonderful ability to get right into your skin and dislodge even the smallest bits of makeup. You can then wash off your face with your usual cleanser and water or simply rub it with a face cloth soaked in warm water.

The oil acts as a moisturizing agent and leaves your skin feeling smooth and luxurious, like you’ve just completed an expensive spa treatment.

Coconut oil is inexpensive and you can stock as much as you like and use it generously without feeling guilty about the cost. It also does not spoil so you can buy in bulk and use it for two to three years if you want.

Coconut oil can be used to remove natural as well as regular makeup. In addition, it can be used to clean your hands after you have handled ink, oil-based products, varnish – you know, anything that clings to the skin and refuses to come off with regular soap and water. All you have to do is rub your hands with some coconut oil and you will see the yucky stuff just come off.

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  1. Scottyg says:

    Hi. I really enjoyed your informative advice for using coconut oil as a natural makeup remover. I’m always looking for something new with regard to make up and this was definately something new. I’ve already written a blog on more uses of coconut oil in skin care and I’ll definately be mentioning your site in it! Thanks again

  2. Marjorie says:

    Thanks – I used my organic coconut oil just like that today before reading your blog – wanted to find on google if other people have been using it too – I liked the smooth feeling when touching my face – thanks for your infos.

  3. Coconut oil as in the cooking based kind? Kind of interesting since coconut oil is the most expensive oil. Thanks for sharing!